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The Gallo Story

On June 1, 1945, brothers August Gallo, Sr. and Louis Gallo, pooled together $800 to start Gallo Plumbing Company. Through the years, the name has evolved from The Gallo Plumbing Company to Gallo Mechanical, L.L.C. today. As the name has changed, so has the breadth of our capabilities – from residential plumbing work to commercial HVAC, plumbing, and mechanical service.

Starting out operations in Louis’s home, Gallo Mechanical now operates out of multiple offices and facilities throughout the Gulf Coast region. With our headquarters in New Orleans and office in Baton Rouge, Broussard, and Pensacola, as well as a fabrication facility in Hammond, Louisiana, Gallo Mechanical has positioned itself as the go-to name in mechanical construction and service.

Through Gallo’s almost 70 year history, we have remained a family owned and operated company.  In 1967, August Gallo, Jr. took over from his father, while his son David Gallo took over for him in 1990. David is currently the President and the CEO of the company. All six of August Jr.’s children (David, Janice, Janet, Stephen, Douglas, and Bryan) currently work at Gallo Mechanical today. In addition, Gallo Mechanical welcomed their first fourth generation Gallo employees in 2013.

In recent history, Gallo Mechanical has focused their sites on the expansion of both the construction and service side of the company. In 2013, Gallo Mechanical expanded East and now has an office in Pensacola to serve the Mississippi Gulf Coast through the Florida panhandle. And with additional offices in Baton Rouge, Broussard, and a fabrication facility in Hammond, LA, Gallo is positioned for new construction and service work from the Florida Panhandle to the Texas state border. Although Gallo is expanding to a larger geographical area, our commitment to customers and a family-owned atmosphere has remained intact.

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