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Workplace safety is vital to the long-term success of our company. Our workers are our most important asset and their safety, health and well-being are considered to be the most critical. All accidents can be prevented using hazard identification, hazard remediation, employee safety education and safety process monitoring.

Safety is a Priority, Quality is a Standard.

Management Responsibility

We make every reasonable effort to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace. We provide the proper training to all our employees to do their jobs safely. We provide the appropriate tools and machinery for them to work safely. It is our intention to go beyond basic compliance with all state and federal safety regulations.

Supervisor Responsibility

The safety director and supervisors have the full support of management to carry out all provisions of the safety program. They have the duty and responsibility to implement the safety program, act as competent personnel, provide safety training, identify and correct unsafe conditions, monitor employee behavior to identify unsafe acts and take corrective action.

At Gallo Mechanical, we create a safety culture. A safety culture is where the workforce knows, through the consistent activities of management, that a high level of safe behavior is expected and that workplace injuries are a negative event to the company that will not be tolerated. This is a process whereby we move employees from complacency to involvement and onto empowerment, where it is known that they have a duty and responsibility to prevent injuries to themselves and others.

Safety Council

In our ongoing effort to establish and maintain a safe workplace, we have developed a Safety Council to direct the safety activity of the organization. There are several permanent members and several revolving members.

Duties of the Safety Council are to: