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Our Approach

For our preconstruction services, we collaborate with both the Owner’s selected design team (with particular emphasis on the A/E team’s MEP consulting firm) and the general contractor to make the right long-term decisions for the project.

Rather than redesign the entire project, we focus our attention on offering construction best practices, ideas for review by the design team (value analysis), input on life-cycle cost and reliability analysis, and iterative pricing for the client, design team and general contractor.

We view the preconstruction phase as the time to provide input to not only the design drawings but also the specifications. By working closely with the MEP consultant, the end result will be a set of plans and specifications with no surprises with complete systems and no gaps—including a final GMP that confirms or betters the GMP provided during the selection process.

Where Experience Comes in

We believe the preconstruction phase should not be limited to estimating and preconstruction employees. Our history tells us having our project team, including the project PMs and Superintendent, engaged during the preconstruction process pays huge dividends during the construction phase of the project. This allows the project team to:

  • Provide input to the schedule
  • Plan manpower requirements by week (per schedule)
  • Identify and plan for long lead items, bulk purchases (Owner purchases)
  • Identify prefabrication opportunities to improve productivity and meet schedule requirements